Sean 'Cookie' Cooke 

Sean 'Cookie' Cooke has been broadcasting for a few years now. 
Sean first broadcasting job was within hospital radio before moving into community radio. 
Sean went to university to study broadcasting as a mature student and left with a fist degree with honers !!  Sean went on to state that this was so unexpected ! 
Sean has worked over thirty years as a mobile DJ and loves to perform to a live audience. 
Target Radio will bring a 'Road Show' experience to Brighton 2018 and will be looking to expand on this every year with more Road Shows. 
The Monday Evening show with 'Cookie' starting at 6pm til 8pm, Look out for special guests live on the show.
The show will play a mixture of old and not so old music from the Mod scene and will feature many unsigned bands and artists.
 Watch out as Sean will often use 'Facebook Live' to broadcast in real time.
 Sean enjoyed listening to presenters Kenny Everett, Chris Tarrant and Chris Moyles to name but a few.
'Cookie' will explore the second generation of Mod and other special shows with unsigned artists. The music, the clothes, the clubs and the scooters. 
Stories about Carnaby Street, The Grange and Brighton. TV shows such as Top of The Pops, The Old Grey Whistle Test and The Tube. 
Cookie will also explore the New Wave of music and this is proving to be a great show, with fantastic comments already! 

Mike Thompson

As well as targeting new music for Target Radio, Mike will be presenting a regular 'Beatleolgy Hour'

Delving into all things 'Fab Four' across their timeline and beyond. This will be passionate, fun and educational.

He also promises to do regular features on 'The Mods to Rockers', analyzing the transitional bridge many 'Mod' musicians have made to heavy rock stomping. 

Mike has work across four decades in public services and has a strong interest in criminal justice. 

An accomplished musician, collaborating with may local musicians and mainly popular 'Mod' bands Serious Chord Squad as lead singer and guitarist. 

Mike has been in love with his wife, Jools for the last forty years and we are proud of our three grown up kids, Jimi, Lindsay and Sophie and our two wonderful grandchildren, Nathaniel and Joni.Mike and his family live in ( A Yellow Submarine) docked in Walton-on- Thames with a cheeky Bichon Frise dog named Larry. 


Roger Hannaford 

I have been interested in music since my early teens. I used to spend hours in the local record shops browsing for music that I could not afford. My first LP bought was Machine Head – Deep Purple via my mum’s club. It basically grew from there.

Started doing mobile disco’s for school mates parties and started out for real sometime in 1977 when I was almost the legal age to get into a pub……!!

Been performing disco’s ever since apart from a small break early 2000’s as I lived and worked in USA. Since my return I’m now back on the disco scene mainly local now as it’s more of a hobby.

I have recently started to venture into Radio. I did hospital radio at Radio Lion at the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford.  I’m now involved in a new venture,Target Radio presenting a Rock and Blues show. 

Having recently passed a birthday milestone I need an outlet for music as won’t be doing mobile gigs forever.

As well as mobile disco’s I'm also a sound and lighting engineer for bands, sometimes nice and cosy in a small pub/club and sometimes at larger venues and small outside events.

My personal music tastes vary widely. I love Rock music but also love most other genres since 'DJ'ing in pubs and clubs. Other types I tend to follow are Jazz Funk and Soul but also love Northern, Ska, Reggae in fact most genres.

Steve 'Tufty' Carver

Steve Carver is a great human being. Steve has been around some of the greatest people in the world, Paul Weller, John Weller, Ann Weller, Bruce Foxton, Rick Buckler, Sean Cooke (Ok, I made the last one up!) Plus many, many more! 

Steve has decided to have a show on Target Radio in respect to his first true love, Punk! 

Steve will be broadcasting live and he will be sharing many stories and playing some of the greatest punk music he has. You think you know punk? then think again! 

DJ John Chidlow

I'm John Chidlow, just the right side of 50 and living in Cambridge.

I've been a Skinhead for as long as I can remember.

Former soldier, with 16 years service in the Royal Engineers.

Currently working as a Painter & Decorator.

I'm the owner/builder/ Operator of FrontLine Sound System. We are an Old Skool Lo-Fi sound system influenced by the old time Sound Systems in Jamaica in the late '60s. We play all original Ska, Rocksteady, Boss Reggae, Dub and Roots on original vinyl.

FrontLine has been operating and gigging for 7 months, but the building of speaker boxes and amps is never ending.

Martin Fuggles 

Hello, I'm Martin Fuggles, and I was a DJ at 'The Ricky-Tick' club back in the 1960's in Windsor, Berkshire, England.

I have hosted many important acts such as The Rolling Stones,The Who and 'Little' Stevie Wonder to name just a few. 

Target Radio have now given me my own monthly radio show to tell my story and to play my original vinyl records just for you. 

I cannot wait to start this in 2019 and share my records and stories with you.


Peter Slavid

Peter has been listening to modern jazz for over 50 years.

Inspired initially by the American Avant-Garde of Ornette Coleman, Archie Shepp and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, he soon encountered the talented British, European and South African musicians who were taking jazz in different directions

After retiring from a proper job, Peter spent some years working with London’s F-IRE collective, the key initiator and inspiration in the collectives movement that revitalised the jazz scene in both UK and Europe. Peter now broadcasts on community radio in West London, and writes for London Jazz News. Peter also broadcasts a programme of more experimental European jazz on 

As well as playing some classic jazz, Peter's show will focus on the exciting new generation of young bands making waves today and converting listeners from the rock and urban music scenes into jazz fans.

Many of the bands will be new to British listeners and Peter enjoys hearing from anyone who has just discovered and enjoyed something new.

I will be playing some great music on my monthly show and sharing some great music with you. 

 Martin Belmont

Hello, I'm Martin Belmont and after attending art college from 1965 to 1970, I began my career as a professional musician in 1972 when I started 'Ducks Deluxe'. 

In 1975 I helped form the band, 'Rumour', who with Graham Parker, toured the world between 1976 and 1980 and recorded 6 albums. I then went on to become lead guitarist with Carlene Carter and then Nick Lowe. 

In 1987 I hooked up with Hank Wangford with whom I still play with to this very day!

Since 2011, I have also been a member of ‘My Darling Clementine’ and we have recorded three albums. 

In 2012 Graham Parker and The Rumour reunited to tour the US and the UK 3 times, Europe once and recorded 2 new albums as well as appearing as themselves in the Hollywood movie ‘This is 40’. I am also featured in a 90-minute Graham Parker documentary ‘Don’t Ask Me Questions’

As well as releasing two CD’s of my own work, I have also played many sessions with, among others, Johnny Cash, Elvis Costello, Billy Bragg, Carl Perkins, Kirsty Maccoll, Reg Meuross, John Hiatt, Desmond Dekker, Geraint Watkins, Bob Collum, Phil Rambow and Paul Carrack. 

In 2018 Martin recorded the album ‘Cloud Synbols’ with Graham Parker and is currently recording a new album with Hank Wangford . 

I also work as an occasional private guitar tutor and has also published a Graham Parker and The Rumour songbook with a second one is coming out this year.

I now have a brand new radio programme called ‘The Guest List’ here on Target Radio.

 Wayne Lundqvist Ford

Wayne Lundqvist Ford Since the age of three Wayne has been spinning vinyl. After spinning Action Man around on the family Dansette at 78rpm had grown weary, Wayne decided to try out some of his mothers records, the first of which was The Beatles "This Boy" which also played at his favourite speed of 78rpm several times before trying out 33rpm and then the correct speed of 45rpm, which was when his love affair of music started, The Beatles were followed by Buddy Holly, who Wayne still considers the roots of popular music, Billy Fury, The Who, The Small Faces, The Kinks etc. Name: Wayne Lundqvist Ford. Radio DJ since: 2013  Origin: Brighton, Sussex, now based in Gothenburg, Sweden First album purchased: The first album I had was The Beatles - Rubber Soul, the first album I purchased myself was The Jam - Sound Affects. Favourite track: Tough one to call but Teenage Fanclub, Everything Flows or Love, Maybe The People Would Be The Times or Between Clark & Hilldale Favorite artist. Love and Teenage Fanclub First Concert. The Who at Brighton Centre 1981 Likes: Power Pop, Mod, 60's Garage, Psyche and classics, Northern Soul, Motown, Surf, Punk, Indie Pop, Alternative and Ska. Dislikes: Death Metal, Metal, Hair Bands, Rap anything like Celine Dion etc. Will turn radio off for: Whitney Houston, Sade, Madonna, Seal, Coldplay but would never turn on mainstream radio anyway!


 Rob Smith

A music enthusiast at heart and producer of a weekly podcast Rob is surrounded by the sounds of Rock and roll! Favouring the genre from being a previous radio presenter, he’s on the Target Radio team for the Indie tracks, supplying you with all you could ever need to fill your speakers with both new and old tracks to get you moving!

Angie Dorin

Angie Dorin started presenting the 'The Cat Beast Party' radio show/podcast 10 years ago at Radio Free Nashville, and now records the weekly, nationally syndicated show out of her home in Myrtle Beach, SC.  'The Cat Beast Party' is a quest for uncovering the best power pop, garage, surf, obscure gems from the past and your new favourite independent tunes too.  DJ Bit Bit and Squeakers help to record the show.

Tommy Clark

Brand new to Target Radio Tommy Clark proudly presents 'The Third Class Ticket Radio Show' 

This is a weekly new music show hosted by Tommy Clark. 

Playing new and grass roots music from across the globe.

Playing the best unsigned and independent music for airplay send your tracks (mp3 or WAV) to

Tommy is also a drummer with The Bandits and The Kinks Experience and I'm sure Tommy will bring a fresh and exciting edge to his shows. 

Nic Tangs Dunnaway

Hailing from the south coast of England, Nic has a love for soul music for as long as he can remember. Ever since he delved into his mum's vinyl collection in the 1970's and discovered the infectious beat of Motown. Nic has been on a musical journey that has lead him an amassing a huge collection of soul and funk singles and albums.

Expect to hear classics alongside some rarer tracks as well as modern tunes and remixes. Once you've open 'The Soul and Funk Trunk' on Target Radio, life will never be the same again. 

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