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Last months (September 2019) listeners figures have just came in. I just want to say thank you to everyone that tunes in to the shows on Target Radio.

The total for last month was ..........124,891

We have Mod, Ska, Reggae, Blues, Rock and just about every genre of music on the station.

We play unsigned bands and artists and this is the station that cares about the music scene and wants to encourage more artists to get their song played.


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My aim is to bring you, the listener, more music from the unsigned bands and artists that are out there.

Here at Target Radio we are going to bring you the very best from the heroes that are out there gigging in pubs and clubs up and down the country every weekend.

Target Radio is the perfect platform for you, the unsigned performer, to showcase your material and have your music played where a large audience will hear it.  

Calling Un-signed Bands and Artists.

Could you or your band benefit from have a web page here on Target Radio?

It's free*  and what do you have to lose? 

It takes minutes to set up and you could have your own page with samples of your music and pictures of you and your band.

You could advertise your next event or gig here as well!

Please email me to find out more on

* For one month only

Recent Events 

Brighton 2019 was a great event for Target Radio. We had two live performances from Mani Perazzoli and The Band, The Soniks. 
This was held outside the Modern World Cafe on Madeira Drive and was a huge success. 
My thanks goes out to Andy and Nikki Topp-Walker, Neil Sykes, Stacie Ashley Inch and to everyone that came out to see us. 

Is Your Scooter Here? Brighton 2019
The Short Film 'Being' With Delvin Crow, Mark Wingett and Andy Top-Walker Friday 12th October 2018 in Brighton.

New News on

Target Radio 

Nic Tangs Dunnaway


 Nic has joined Target Radio

He comes from the south coast of England. Nic has a love for soul music for as long as he can remember and his brings his brand new show to Target Radio for Friday Nights from 8pm

The Soul and Funk Trunk on Target Radio from 8pm

Tommy Clark

Tommy Clark Has joined Target Radio to bring you his Third Class Ticket Show. 

Playing new and grass roots music from across the globe.

Tommy plays the best unsigned and independent music for his hourly show

Angie Dorin 

Angie Dorin has joined Target Radio. 

Angie will be bringing 'The Cat Beast Party' every Saturday night from 9pm out of her home in Myrtle Beach, SC.  

'The Cat Beast Party' is a quest for uncovering the best power pop, garage, surf, obscure gems from the past and your new favourite independent tunes too.  

DJ Bit Bit and Squeakers help to record the show.

Rob Smith has Joined Target Radio to host his weekly Indie Hour on a Saturday night from 6pm. 

Rob will be supplying you with all the great tracks both old and new to kick start your Saturday evenings. 

Wayne Lundqvist Ford

Wayne Lundqvist Ford has Joined Target Radio With His Weekly Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More Radio Show 

Martin Fuggles Joins Target Radio New for 2019 with his 'Ricky Tick Show'

Peter Slavid Joins Target Radio New for 2019 with his 'Modern Jazz Hour' and 'Folk Music Hour'

Martin Belmont Joins Target Radio to present his two-hour show 'The Guest List'

Target Radio can now come to your event!

After road testing at Mods at the Frog 2018 and at Brighton 2018/19. I can confirm that Target Radio can give your event a live broadcast and a live PA.

Target Radio will be able to travel all over the country to play, announce and broadcast your event, not just within your location but throughout the UK and the rest of the world. 

This is perfect if you're trying to sell your event.

Target Radio can also work with live bands and record their hard work for a future broadcast.

For as little as £45* per hour, is this something Target Radio can do?

Please email me with your requirements and let’s see if your next event is your greatest event!


*terms and conditions will apply.

Recent Events 

Rick Bucklers Book Launch Saturday 13th October 2018

Meet The Team

Sean Cooke 
Radio Station Owner
Presenter of The Cookie Show LIVE!

Presenter of The New Wave Hour and Cookies Mod and Soul Show

Senior Producer


                     Little Cookie 

               Birthday Announcer 

Rachael Cooke
Radio Station Manager

Andy and Nikki Topp-Walker

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